We at Beyond-Flyfishing have been fishing the Moy and the surrounding spate rivers for many seasons. In partnership with Paddy McDonnell, a full-time guide on the river Moy, we offer you the unique opportunity to experience some excellent guided spring/ early summer season salmon fishing on the River Moy and the surrounding spate rivers such as the river Owenmore and river Easkey.

At this time of the year, you will be targeting the start of the “summer run”. The trip encompasses 6 days of fishing as well as 7 nights of accommodation. You will be fishing 15km of the upper river Moy as well as 4km of the river Owenmore and river Easkey. The two latter highly depend on water level. On all 5 fishing days, you will be accompanied by two certified fly casting instructors and full-time guide Paddy McDonnell whose local knowledge of the water and conditions is unavoidable. Fishing for Atlantic Salmon is a passion and doing this in the most western wilderness of Europe is an unforgettable experience.


The Moy has long been famous as Ireland’s premier Salmon River and is one of the most productive great river systems in Ireland. It straddles its length of approximately one hundred kilometres through the counties Mayo and Sligo until it enters the sea at Killarlay Bay.


The Owenmore is a big spate river of approximately 10miles.

It drains a large area of bogs, moors, and mountains in county North Mayo and enters the sea at Tullaghan Bay. The Owenmore has a good run of springers and harvests fish with a size up to 20lb. Being a spate river the Owenmore highly depends on water. Fishing it therefore towards the end of the season gives some good chances of perfect fishing conditions.


The Easkey is a very picturesque spate stream with water as dark as a barrel of Guinness.

Its principal source is Lough Easkey situated high in the Ox Mountains. From there the river meanders through the Counties Mayo and Sligo and flows through mountain bog and rough grassland. After 20k m it enters the sea at the cosy little town of Easkey. The river gets good runs of salmon and seatrout from early June. Fresh fish runs up the river with every spate from August onwards until the end of the season. Most of the Easkey is suitable for fly fishing with a single-handed rod and there are some beautiful, secluded pools that can give an unforgettable fishing day.


Local knowledge rules. Paddy McDonnell is the only full-time guide on the River Moy and his guiding service is recognized as one of the very best in Europe.

It is founded on over forty years of experience of fishing and guiding on the famous rivers and lakes of Ireland. He also took certifications as a fly casting instructor with G.A.I.A, AAPGAI, and FFI and has been on the Irish National Team at the World championships in Flyfishing as well as World championships in Casting. Fly fishing for wild Atlantic Salmon in the West of Ireland, with the complex weather patterns that sometimes occur, demands that the angler must be fishing in the right place at the right time with the best tactics to match the prevailing conditions. A magical mix, sometimes demanding, endlessly interesting and absorbing, but always fun. A lifetime can be too short to learn everything about various tactics in flyfishing. Paddy McDonnell will guide and advise you on tackle, fishing tactics for Atlantic salmon and fly casting if needed and herewith helps to shorten your learning curve dramatically.



In addition to local guide Paddy McDonnell, Silja will also accompany you. Silja is a Certified Angling (Danish Sportfishing Society) and an FFI Certified Fly Casting Instructor in both 1 Hand and 2 Hand fly casting (www.

She has placed top ranks among female Spey casters in the 15ft and 16ft category at the World championships in Fly Casting and is currently Danish Fly Casting Champion. Silja has fished the beats you will be fishing on the rivers Moy, Owenmore, and Easkey for many years and so knows the water well. Silja has an uncontrolled passion for sharing her knowledge and skills with fellow anglers. She has fished for salmon all over Europe and will bring her wealth of experience to you. Not only will Silja be your host throughout your trip but she will also be at hand to give hints and tips regarding tackle, fly fishing for salmon, and individual fly casting advice on the riverbank if needed. Silja’s passion for teaching fly casting, as well as the aspect of salmon fishing, makes her the perfect person to host your adventure in chasing salmon in the Wild West of Ireland.


Situated on the banks of the River Moy in Foxford, Maloney’s Lodge is the ideal retreat for anglers.

Its location puts you right in the heart of prime salmon, trout, and pike territory from where we will start our daily fishing trips. The Lodge is a very comfortable, relaxing residence where guests are offered a home-from-home feeling and every effort will be made to ensure you enjoy your stay. All rooms are en suite. We are staying at Maloney’s Lodge on a Bed & Breakfast basis. After a long day of fishing, we will enjoy home-cooked food at a local pub.



Whilst at the river it is important to have a break; to fuel up as well as to sit down and think/ discuss fishing tactics with the other fellow anglers. 

There will be a lunch pack served on all 6 fishing days which includes sandwiches, fruit, and coffee. If you want to target salmon in the most western wilderness of Europe, then join us and our passion for fishing for the “early summer run” in picturesque spate rivers and the Moy in June. You won’t regret it!

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